Axcil Jefferies becomes a Childline Zimbabwe Ambassador

Date posted on July 1, 2009 · Published by Mark Goddard

While Zimbabwe’s 15 year old Formula BMW racing ace, Axcil Jefferies has unlocked his talent with the support of his prime sponsor; Pioneer Corporation Africa, he is aware of the social responsibility role that his career enables him to accomplish as a recognised sporting icon. In this regard Axcil is now an official Childline Zimbabwe ambassador and shall race to glory with the Childline logo gracing his vehicle.  Axcil is upbeat about the work he can do in this socially uplifting capacity. He has recently travelled with the Childline team to Bindura, where he had the chance to inspire young children from less privileged backgrounds as part of Childline’s outreach program.

Axcil began his racing career at the Donnybrook racing circuit near Harare’s Mabvuku suburb and had the opportunity to interact with young Children from the surrounding community. His father and manager, Suhail Jefferies has cultivated a culture of generosity in the family as his business has always contributed to a local orphanage.

In his own words, Suhail Jefferies believes “Giving back is a vital component for total success to happen; there is no better feeling than that of unlocking doors for others.”

Axcil has certainly learnt much more than a thing or two from his father and is set to reach out to millions of children in Zimbabwe, Africa and around the world. Childline is a worldwide organisation with independently run offices in various countries, and is on a mission to help bring smiles to the world’s little ones.