Daniel Ricciardo finishes second – Oct 21 06

Date posted on October 21, 2006 · Published by Mark Goddard

Daniel Ricciardo started on pole position, led from the start and soaked up pressure from Earl Bamber for the whole race until Bamber forced his way past on the last corner of the last lap in a controversial pass which Ricciardo felt was completed under yellow flags.

The result of the race is provisional subject to the race stewards decision. ‘The last turn had been under yellows for three laps and when Earl drew alongside me on the run up to the final turn I did not dispute the positon as I assumed he would be excluded if he passed under yellow flags.” reported Ricciardo. However the officials decided Bamber’s nose was slightly ahead as they reached the marshals post where the yellows were waved and as such he jad already overtaken!

Behind the front two Dominic Storey intially held third from Zahir Ali and James Grunwell. Storey and Ali were battling hard and it all ended in tears when Ali turned in at turn one only to be hit by Storey. “My fault!” reported an apologetic Storey. This handed third to Grunwell with Abay fourth from a recovering Ali and Storey. Next up was luckless Aaron Lim who was punted off at turn four on the first lap.

The final two rounds will be held Sunday October 22nd and they will be tense affairs with a championship on the line and several disgruntled drivers on the grid…