Dramatic F.BMW Asia round three for Eurasia drivers – May 06 07

Date posted on May 6, 2007 · Published by Mark Goddard

Akhil Khushlani finished fifth after a fraught race which saw his car suffer suspension damage as a result of contact with another competitor whilst Kyle Mitchell threw away his chances by jumping the start and attracting a drive through penalty.

The start was chaotic with Jazeman, Grunwell and Mitchell all jumping the start whilst Ross Jamison was very slow away. The result was a huge lead for Zahir Ali before the first turn and a traffic jam behind Jamison and the jump starters all of whom slowed once they realized their mistake. Ali and Jamison were away and simply cruised to the finish whilst behind Johan Adzmi had his mirrors full of Khushlani and Mitchell. Once Mitchell had taken his drive through penalty it was left to Khushlani to pressure Adzmi. Their battle allowed Sean McDonagh to catch up and in an attempt to pass at turn one he ran over the back of Khushlani. This severely effected the handling of the car and David Zhu was able to find his past with two laps to go.

Mitchell was hit by another competitor in turn two after his drive through penalty and was forced to pit for repairs. He managed to rejoin and finish in 12th place.

“I should have been third” stated Khushlani, “My car was capable of doing that so it makes me optimistic for the final race today”. Mitchell on the other hand rued his jump start “It makes me even more determined to finish the event on a high”

Round four will take place this afternoon.