Eurasia drivers look forward to Sentul – July 11 08

Date posted on July 11, 2008 · Published by Mark Goddard

Formula BMW Pacific drivers, Marlon Stockinger and Aditya Patel, are in a confident frame of mind for the next round of the Formula BMW Pacific Series which will be held at the Sentul Circuit in Indonesia from July 16-20.

Sentul Circuit has usually produced close races and this year the racing is expected to be even closer now that all the teams are running legal engines. The level playing field allows teams such as Eurasia Motorsport to use their superior technical expertise, and their abilities to coach rookie drivers, to turn novices into potential race winners. Aditya Patel has already finished on the podium at the first Sepang round whilst Marlon Stockinger finished second in the last race held at Sepang despite this being only his second ever car racing event.

Stockinger has not been idle in the lay off between the last event at Sepang and Sentul. He has tested a F.BMW at the legendary Spa Circuit in Belgium and has also undertaken a testing campaign with the team’s Formula Three car. As a complete novice every lap in a car adds greatly to the driver’s experience and Marlon will arrive at Sentul primed and ready to go.

Aditya was disappointed with his results at the last Sepang round but he is confident that is all behind him now and that he will rekindle the form he demonstrated at the Sepang Grand Prix support event.

The Sentul rounds are part of the Asian Festival of Speed and two days of official testing will be followed by one day of official practice and four races held over the weekend. AFOS events give drivers a tremendous number of laps and are great value for the young drivers.