Eurasia has one car still available for Macau

Date posted on October 8, 2009 · Published by Mark Goddard

Macau Kimya side cropEurasia Motorsport still has one car available for the Macau GP on November 22. Essential for any driver considering a F3 career the F.BMW race is the only opportunity to learn the circuit in a Formula car.

Jack Harvey, who was the only driver to get to close to European Champion and Singapore race winner Nasr on lap time, demonstrated the car is a potential winner in the right hands. “If Jack had not hit the wall in qualifying in Singapore, bending the suspension and consigning himself to 7th on the grid, I think he would have definitely been on the podium if not a winner in both races” says Mark Goddard of Eurasia Motorsport. “We offer a very competitive deal for Macau and drivers should contact us immediately for details. Last year Kimiya Sato finished third in Macau in a Eurasia Car in a one-off race, further demonstrating that we know how to field a competitive car on one of the greatest tracks any driver will probably race on ”. E mail