Fifth place for Ricciardo in Sepang race two – Mar 19 06

Date posted on March 19, 2006 · Published by Mark Goddard

Daniel Ricciardo finished fifth, third in the Rookie Class, after an exciting race with Dominic Storey 7th, Aaron Lim 8th and Zahir Ali 9th.

Sam Abay took the lead from Hamad, Bamber, Ricciardo and Grunwell. It took three laps for Hamad to find a way past Abay and once by he pulled away for a relatively easy win. Meanwhile Bamber was holding up a line of cars led by Ricciardo from You, Grunwell, Storey and Lim. You started a spirited attack on Ricciardo allowing Bamber to pull away and chase after Abay. Bamber caught the Australian on lap 8 and they swapped places twice at turn one, Abay then pulling away from Bamber. The top three remained settled to the flag. Meanwhile behind, You found a way past Ricciardo at turn 15 with Grunwell able to draft by the Eurasia driver into the following turn one. These three were nose to tail onto the last lap and that’s how they finished despite last minute attempts at the final turn.

Dominic Storey spent the race fending off team mate Aaron Lim, drawing away over the final laps. Zahir Ali again made a bad start and spent the race dragging himself back up to 9th place.

1. H. Al Fardan (Team Meritus)
2. S. Abay (Team E. Rain)
3. E. Bamber (Team Meritus)
4. K. You (Team E Rain)
5. Ricciardo (Eurasia Motorsport)
6. J. Grunwell (Team Meritus)
7. D. Storey (Eurasia Motorsport)
8. A. Lim (Eurasia Motorsport)
9. Z. Ali (Eurasia Motorsport)
10. M. Nassi (Driver)
11. A. Akkineni (Team E Rain)
12. R. Banajee (Driver)
13. M. Al Baharna (Team E Rain)
14. A. Kayal (Team Meritus)