Formula Pilota podium finish again for Seatter

Date posted on September 4, 2011 · Published by Mark Goddard

Natasha Seatter again finished third in the second Asian Driver’s Trophy Formula Pilota China race at Ordos in China. After losing out at turn one on the first lap the Malaysian scythed through the field in an exciting race to finish third in the Asian Driver Class.

Natasha started the race in seventh place but lost two places at the first turn. Ordos, a new circuit in Inner Mongolia, is a challenging and technical circuit but it’s extremely difficult to overtake on the Chinese track. The Malaysian girl drove a mature race and picked off her rivals one by one to take a great fifth place overall, third in class.

“Natasha had the race pace to run with the group in third place which was very encouraging” reported Mark Goddard of Eurasia Motorsport. “She has made a step forward in this event and I think we can definitely say she is the fastest Asian female driver.”

The next Formula Pilota China event will take place at Guangdong in China on November 6th.