Jefferies fourth in round four at Sepang.

Date posted on May 31, 2009 · Published by Mark Goddard

Axcil Jefferies finished fourth with a damaged car after being hit by Fahmi Ilyas whilst Chris Wootton was out on the spot at turn one after being crashed out of the lead by ….Fahmi Ilyas.

Wootton made a good start to lead into the first turn whilst Jefferies slotted into second to make it a Eurasia Motorsport one two at the end of lap one. The safety car was deployed whilst the mess from a first lap accident was cleared up but Ilyas was slow to react and ran into the back of Jefferies bending the exhaust and the rear wing. At the re-start Axcil found the bent exhaust was causing a loss of power and Fahmi swept past only to tap Wootton into a spin under braking for turn one. Chris was out on the spot and understandably extremely upset with his Malaysian rival.

Meanwhile Jefferies was struggling with his lack of power and drove a measured race to finish fourth and entertaining the crowd with his efforts to stay in front of Thompson, Haryanto and Sofyan. The latter was unable to find a way past.

Rounds five and six will take place on Sunday May 31st. Jefferies will start round five on pole position whilst Wootton will be at the back due to his finishing position in round three. “Chris deserves some good luck tomorrow” stated Mark Goddard of Eurasia Motorsport “and he has the speed to take a good points haul. Axcil has shown he has the pace to win and from pole position he is going to be hard to beat”.