Mitchell fourth, first rookie, Kushlani crashes out Sentul race three – July 22 07

Date posted on July 22, 2007 · Published by Mark Goddard

Mitchell had a great race with Zahir Ali before settling for fourth place behind the Indonesian whilst Kushlani was unfortunate to be involved in a multi-car accident which damaged his chassis.

Grunwell won from Jazeman but all the action was for third place. Initially this was held by David Zhu but Mitchell quickly found a way past as did Zahir Ali. Zhu dropped back into the clutches of Sean McDonagh who found a way past into turn two but Zhu fought back into turn three, diving up the inside and the resultant contact saw both cars spun. The large group of cars behind all scattered trying to find a way past and Kushlani and Bedi were left with nowhere to go and slammed into the stricken cars. Akhil’s chassis was damaged beyond repair putting him out for the final race of the weekend as well. The safety car was deployed to clear up the mess and at the restart Ali and Kyle went wheel to wheel before the Indonesian fought his way past at turn four. That’s how it ended with Mitchell driving for a finish to ensure he scored maximum rookie points.

The final race of the weekend, round 12, takes place later today.