Mitchell second again in Zhuhai race two – Nov 3 07

Date posted on November 3, 2007 · Published by Mark Goddard

Kyle Mitchell finished second under a safety car finish due a multi-car crash. Akhil Kushlani was one of six drivers involved in the accident, his car destroyed in the 200kph shunt. Fortunately the driver is only bruised but otherwise uninjured.

Mitchell was second at the end of the first lap slotting in behind race winner Saavedra. Khushlani completed the lap in 12th from last on the grid. Saavedra, Mitchell and Zahir Ali pulled away from Ross Jamison and a huge squabbling group which included Jazeman, Grunwell, Zhu, Gladdis, Lemvard, Harun and Kushlani. It looked like it would end in tears and it certainly did in a big way when two cars collided on the pit straight and in the ensuing confusion Zhu went flying, cart-wheeling at over 200 kph and Gladdis and Akhil were forced into the wall whilst trying to take avoiding action. Lemvard and Harun were also out whilst Grunwell struggled back to rejoin the race after some repairs. Khushlani and Gladdis were sent to the medical centre and from there to hospital. Akhil was battered and bruised but otherwise unhurt. Initial reports is that Tom Gladdis is also okay.

Racing continues tomorrow with the final two rounds of the series but it will be without Khushlani whose chassis was too damaged to be repaired.