Ricciardo 3rd again in qualifying two – Mar 18 06

Date posted on March 18, 2006 · Published by Mark Goddard

Daniel Ricciardo again qualified third with Zahir Ali 6th, Dominic Storey 8th and Aaron Lim 11th. James Grunwell qualified first from Sam Abay.

Ricciardo reported the car felt good and he is sure he can be competitive in the race feeling sure he can run on the pace of the front row. Zahir was disappointed with 6th whilst Storey felt he could have been faster. Lim said the car was better but needs more testing miles to get the car to his liking.

J. Grunwell (Team Meritus): 2. 11.804
S. Abay (Team E. Rain): 2. 11.951
D. Ricciardo (Eurasia Motorsport): 2. 12.209
E. Bamber (Team Meritus): 2. 12.362
H. Al Fardan (Team Meritus ): 2. 12.408
Z. Ali (Eurasia Motorsport): 2. 12.731
K. You (Team E Rain) : 2. 13.112
D. Storey (Eurasia Motorsport): 2. 13.292
M. Al Baharna (Team E Rain): 2. 13.633
A. Akkineni (Team E Rain): 2. 13.773
A. Lim (Eurasia Motorsport): 2. 14.167
R. Banajee (Driver): 2. 14.798
M. Nassi (Driver): 2. 15.121
A. Kayal (Team Meritus): 2. 32.979