Ricciardo fourth in round 4 of BMW Asia – May 14 06

Date posted on May 14, 2006 · Published by Mark Goddard

Daniel Ricciardo finished fourth in front of Dominic Storey, Zahir Ali and Aaron Lim after round four of the F.BMW Asia Series held today at the Sepang F1 circuit.

Earl Bamber once again dominated, winning with ease, whilst James Grunwell and Sam Abay completed the podium. Daniel Ricciardo finished fourth in a processional race with the only interest being a spirited dice between Dominic Storey and Zahir Ali, the former just staying ahead of his team mate. A struggling Lim finished behind the battling duo.

Ali made a poor start whilst Lim hit Storey in the second corner of the first lap, dropping to the back of the field and leaving Storey and Lim struggling with rearranged suspension. Ricciardo made a place, slotting in front of Storey and that’s how the finishing order remained to the end of the race. “All four Eurasia drivers are on par with Grunwell and Abay on lap times but we need them to make better starts and not run into each other!” remarked Team Manager Martin Quick. “They are learning every time they get in the car so I hope they can do it at the start in round five later today”