Ricciardo on podium for final Sentul race – July 23 06

Date posted on July 23, 2006 · Published by Mark Goddard

Daniel Ricciardo again finished on the podium for the final Sentul race with Aaron Lim fourth and Aaron Lim fifth. Dominic Storey was barged off the track and failed to finish.

Bamber took the lead but this time did not get away and headed a train consisting of Abay, Grunwell and Ricciardo. Abay took the lead when Meritus driver Bamber suffered a gearbox problem and was forced to retire whilst Grunwell and Ricciardo were now in Abay’s wheel tracks. Lim and Ali had a spirited race long scrap whilst Dominic Storey was pushed off the track by an over enthusiastic Albaharna at turn three on only the second lap.

As the race unfolded Abay and Grunwell opened out a small lead over Ricciardo and that’s how they finished despite the best efforts of Grunwell.

Next event will be at Bira, Thailand, and the whole team hope they will achieve the breakthrough win at the Pattaya Circuit. “We have won this year in Renault V6 and Asian Formula Three so F.BMW is overdue a win.” said a team spokesman.