Ricciardo qualifies third for race one – Mar 18 06

Date posted on March 18, 2006 · Published by Mark Goddard

Daniel Ricciardo qualified third despite a rear wing failure which saw him spin out of control, Zahir Ali was 6th, Dominic Storey 7th and Aaron Lim 10th. Sam Abay was fastest from James Grunwell.

Ricciardo had just set his fastest time of the session when the rear wing upper plane pulled out of it’s mountings in the flat out turn 5 causing a heart stopping spin at 190kph. A disappointed Ricciardo felt he had a chance of pole if he had been able to finish the session. The team is investigating the cause of the failure, this is the first time a wing has failed in the Formula.

Zahir Ali was as high as third but traffic saw him drop to sixth at the end of the session whilst Dominic Storey was pleased with his 7th position, this being the young New Zealanders first ever car event.

Aaron Lim continued to shake down his newly rebuilt car but was still disappointed with his 10th place qualifying position. Qualifying for race two is after lunch with the first starting at 16.45, today Saturday 18th.

S. Abay (Team E. Rain): 2. 12.196
J. Grunwell (Team Meritus): 2. 12.477
D. Ricciardo (Eurasia Motorsport): 2. 12.596
E. Bamber (Team Meritus): 2. 12,625
H. Al Fardan (Team Meritus ): 2. 12.729
Z. Ali (Eurasia Motorsport): 2. 12.829
D. Storey (Eurasia Motorsport): 2. 13.315
K. You (Team E Rain) : 2. 13.345
A. Akkineni (Team E Rain): 2. 13.430
A. Lim (Eurasia Motorsport): 2. 13.828
M. Al Baharna (Team E Rain): 2. 14.148
R. Banajee (Driver): 2. 14.254
M. Nassi (Driver): 2. 14.456
A. Kayal (Team Meritus): 2. 30.807