Ricciardo second again with Storey third – Oct 22 06

Date posted on October 22, 2006 · Published by Mark Goddard

Daniel Ricciardo finished second with a storming drive through the field after a first lap “off” whilst Dominic Storey again completed the podium after a thrilling four way dice. Zahir Ali was 5th and Aaron Lim 6th.

Bamber once again chopped across the front of Ricciardo at the start and led through the first turn. Behind the lead two there was mayhem as James Grunwell appeared to forget to brake, ran over the rear wing of Sam Abay before ending his race in the wall. Abay continued in fourth place behind a fast starting Aaron Lim with Dominic Storey and Zahir Ali in fifth and sixth. Up front Ricciardo ran wide on the exit of the final hairpin and fell to the back of the pack. Sam Abay soon dropped into the clutches of Storey, the former’s rear wing hanging at a drunken angle but seemingly not effecting the handling too much. Storey forced his way by Abay and was soon followed by Zahir Ali. This seemed to give Abay a second wind and he kept close to the Eurasia cars. Meanwhile Aaron Lim was falling back into the clutches of Storey and was heading a five train comprising Lim, Storey, Ali, Abay and Ricciardo.

Ricciardo, who once again set the fastest race lap as he had done in the previous two races, picked off his rivals one at a time and quickly opened up a gap to the following cars once he was in second place. Despite closing on Bamber he ran out of time and had to settle for second place. The final podium spot was in doubt right to the final turn with Lim losing power and falling into the clutches of Storey. The New Zealander found a way past whilst Abay drove past Ali in the confusion.

So the season ended with Ricciardo in a fine third overall and the Eurasia Team a close second in the team championship.