Tanart wins Shanghai Formula Masters China race one

Date posted on October 27, 2013 · Published by Mark Goddard

Tanart Sathrienthirakul took his first car race win and was joined on the podium  by his his team mate, Matthew Solomon, who was third. Kevin Pu Ju Jin wrapped up the China Driver Championship with second in class and rookie, Andy Chang, finished 11th in the 17 car field.

Tanart made a slow start with too much wheel spin and slotted in behind a fast starting Akash. A group of six cars pulled away and put on an exciting display of slip streaming down the long Shanghai straight. Tanart was pressuring Akash all the way and once he found his way past he rapidly pulled away leaving Akash to defend from the squabbling pack. Once Tanart had built up a five second lead he controlled the gap to the flag.

Solomon had worked his way up to fourth, with the second to fourth placed cars running nose to tail for the duration. On the final lap Akash spun leaving Afiq and Matthew to dispute second. Solomon took the place at the final hairpin only for his rival to take the place back at the final turn.

Pu Jun Jin finished in 8th place overall, second in class with a fine display of controlled driving, picking his way through the field and taking 8th place from his championship rival, Bo Yuan, with four laps to go. Andy Chang stalled at the formation lap start and therefore started from the back of the grid. He finished 11th which was impressive considering his lack of experience.