Vervisch second again, Suzuki fourth in round two at Sepang – Nov 25 07

Date posted on November 25, 2007 · Published by Mark Goddard

Frederic Vervisch, of Eurasia Motorsports associate team, Team Goddard, had the speed to win but just couldn’t find a way past Hamad Al Fardan after a race long dice. Rafael Suzuki again put in a tardy first lap but was able to claw his way back to fourth place narrowly failing to take third spot on the line. David Julian won the Promotions Class.

Hamad made another good start and despite enormous pressure from Vervisch he never made a mistake and just came home first. Vervisch got alongside his rival on several occasions but never made the pass stick. “I think we had the fastest car today, I got fastest lap, but Hamad drove a good defensive race and I just could not find a way past” reported Vervisch. “Still as I got pole and two fastest race laps I am only seven points down”.

Suzuki tried the outside line at turn one on the first lap and got hung out to dry dropping down to fifth place again. He was soon on the move forcing his past Gonzales at turn one on the third lap and he then got his head down and chased after Matt Howson, setting an extremely fast lap time. He was very close to Howson on the last lap, closing to within a second at the line.

David Julian had a good race to win the Promotions Class again.

“We demonstrated we had the fastest car out there and I am sure we will have a good chance of winning in the next round at Zhuhai on December 15-16th.” reported Mark Goddard. “Frederic has the pace and experience in F3 to win and Rafael was improving with each lap and I am sure will be extremely competitive in China.”