Wootton anticipates some Malaysian magic in F.BMW event two

Date posted on May 23, 2009 · Published by Mark Goddard

Eurasia Motorsport’s Australian Formula BMW Junior driver, Chris Wootton, is looking to step up his attack on the Formula BMW Pacific Title at the second event coming up next weekend, once again at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. After recording a brace of seconds at the Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix in April, Wootton is seeking to make the most of the four rounds he will compete in as part of the Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS) event.

The 20-year-old from Brisbane’s bayside will return to the wheel on Wednesday as part of an official AFOS test day at the facility. The Eurasia Motorsport team will focus on extracting every last ounce of speed from Wootton’s Formula BMW FB02. He is aiming to chase down current Formula BMW Pacific leader, Irishman, Gary Thompson.

Being on the same track as round one will be an advantage to all competitors, however vastly different grip levels are expected due to not having Formula 1 on hand this time around.

Chris will be the subject of a feature story for the AFOS television coverage from this event. He will be taken to the city of Putrajaya to film – Putrajaya replaced Kuala Lumpur as the host city for the Malaysian Government in 1999. It features some spectacular architecture that reflects the modern focus of Malaysia as a nation and an emerging world economy.

With no opportunity for testing in the two months between events, Wootton has been concentrating on his fitness, as well as getting the Chris Wootton Supporter’s Club up and running, among other promotional duties.

Now he can switch attention back to business and advancing to the top of the Formula BMW Pacific ladder. Chris admits things will be a little different this time, but with his experience at Sepang, he’s hoping to walk away with a maximum point score.


“Although the circuit is the same as the one we raced on a few weeks ago at the Grand Prix, we’re going to be basically starting again.

“The grip levels between a Formula 1 Grand Prix and an AFOS event are completely different. Whilst there’s a lot of different categories racing as part of AFOS, there isn’t the grip of Formula 1.

“Last time I raced at Sepang, there were a few errors I made which ultimately cost me wins. Naturally, the aim from first practice onwards is to iron out those errors and shoot for the top step of the podium.

“We have an understanding now as to who is quick and who isn’t. We’re right there with them and with four point scoring opportunities throughout the weekend, we have the chance to come away with a good swag of points towards the Formula BMW Pacific points score.

“It is these events with plenty of track time that make or break a Championship and with the heat in Malaysia, fitness is going to play a part. It will come down to who can manage their physical exertion the best. I wouldn’t expect the wet weather to play as much as a role as it did two months ago, but you just never know there.

“ I’m obviously as fit as I ever have been, so I know that won’t be a problem. For some of the younger fellas it could well be. Having said that, they showed they are pretty well unflappable with their performances at the first Formula BMW Pacific event, so we’ll just wait and see.

“Taking a detour and filming the piece for Formula BMW Pacific television will be fun. I enjoy the promotional aspects of racing, it’s nice to get away from the track and see some of the sights. Having never been to Putrajaya, I will get to see another part of Asia I haven’t seen before. To be honest, I’d never heard of it, but having hunted around the ‘net to get some background, it looks like an amazing place.

“I’m really excited about visiting there now and have to thank AFOS for asking me to be part of that event, along with Formula BMW Pacific, Eurasia Motorsport and my family for all the effort they put into allow me to go racing.”