Bumgarner and Ebrahim win F.BMW Scholarships – Jan 26 05

Date posted on January 26, 2005 · Published by Mark Goddard

Filipina Michelle Bumgarner and Indian Armaan Ebrahim were two of the four winners of the $50,000 BMW scholarship held at Bahrain this month. Both Bumgarmer and Ebrahim benefited from the coaching received from Minardi Team Asia’s Martin Quick and Mark Goddard at a pre-scholarship test held by the team at the Sepang F1 Circuit.

‘I think that the fact that Michelle and Armaan join our 2004 Rookie driver, Robert Boughey, as recipients of the 2005 Scholarship awards demonstrates our ability to coach and bring out the best in young drivers’ said Mark Goddard. “We are the only team in Asia that can provide the direct ladder to the top, from karting through F.BMW and Asian Formula Three all the way to Minardi in F1”

Piers Hunnisett, a partner in the team along with Quick and Goddard, was present at the Sepang test and he is sure that Armaan and Michelle have the talent to make it all the way to the top. This is high praise coming from the person who manages drivers such as Nicolas Kiesa, Narain Karthekeyan and Ananda Mikola.