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Minardi Team Asia to test at Sepang February 2 and 3 – Jan 28 05

Posted on January 28, 2005
Minardi Team Asia are trying out more potential drivers for their 2005 Formula BMW Asia campaign. The Sepang Formula One circuit is the venue for the test in which more young drivers will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their potential to the team. (more…)

Bumgarner and Ebrahim win F.BMW Scholarships – Jan 26 05

Posted on January 26, 2005
Filipina Michelle Bumgarner and Indian Armaan Ebrahim were two of the four winners of the $50,000 BMW scholarship held at Bahrain this month. Both Bumgarmer and Ebrahim benefited from the coaching received from Minardi Team Asia’s Martin Quick and Mark Goddard at a pre-scholarship test held by the team at the Sepang F1 Circuit. (more…)

Minardi Team Asia test young drivers – Jan 26 05

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The first week of January 2005 saw Minardi Team Asia test three young karters at the Sepang F1 circuit in Malaysia. Filipina Michelle Bumgarner was joined by Indian Armaan Ebrahim and Indonesian Zahir Ali. The three sixteen year olds all acquitted themselves well and impressed team director, Martin Quick, who reported that all three were…