Daniel Ricciardo returns to F1 racing with Alpha Tauri

Date posted on July 12, 2023 · Published by eurasiapr

Daniel RicciardoEurasia Motorsport graduate, Daniel Ricciardo, returns to Formula 1 in a race capacity, replacing Nyck de Vries at Scuderia AlphaTauri. Daniel spent his first year of car racing with Eurasia and has said that with the grounding he received from Eurasia, he made it to the pinnacle of the sport.

Daniel raced for Eurasia in Formula BMW Asia, joining the team with no testing at all. He was a race winner by the middle of the season and already demonstrating his legendary overtaking abilities.

Mark Goddard, Eurasia Motorsport’s Team Principal, recalled the time and effort spent with Ricciardo to coach him in the art of overtaking. Every F1 overtake by the Australian driver demonstrated it was time well spent!

We hope he’ll get back to his Red Bull ways by wringing the best out of the car and employing his trademark overtakes.