Lim finishes fourth, second in the rookie class, in round four of the F.BMW Asia Series – May 15 05

Date posted on May 15, 2005 · Published by Mark Goddard

Aaron Lim of Minardi Team Asia finished a fine fourth in an eventful race. Dejan de Zoysa was 8th in front of team mate Jonathan Chan. Lim was happy with his race despite losing several places over the first few laps, a reflection of his inexperience.

“Its not like karting and I left the door open for them at the first turn, I am not going to make that mistake again!”. Dejan de Zoysa made a great start and once the race settled down he had a fairly lonely race to 8th place. Dejan reported “The first few laps were really hectic but once I got by the slower cars I thought I would finish seventh but on the last lap I spun in turn one and lost a place”. Jonathan Chan started last as a result of his chassis damage in qualifying and worked his way up to 9th. “The traffic was really bad and I had several close calls and one driver in particular was trying to drive me off the track for several laps! Once I got by him the others were too far in front but I am really pleased to have finished.”.

Ebrahim won from Hamad and Boughey. Charlie finished fifth behind Lim.