Asian Le Mans Series achieves record growth and reach

Date posted on May 24, 2019 · Published by eurasiapr

Eurasia Motorsport will head back to the Asian Le Mans Series later this year to field entries in both LMP2 and LMP3 and are proud to remain of the team’s heritage in what is an increasingly popular series.

Nielsen Sports undertook a study of TV and Internet broadcasting between 17 November 2018 and 31 March 2019 to understand the reach and growth of the series both in the region and globally. With live streaming available for the first time for both qualifying and the race, the series generated a live stream audience of 4.33 million viewers globally with another 1.48 million watching the Series highlights packages.

With an average of 1.45 million viewers per round, heavily skewed towards the all-important Chinese market, the Series also enjoyed record growth on the various Social channels with Twitter garnering 8.5m impressions and reaching 1.1m users.

Suitably qualified and funded drivers interested in competing in the Asian Le Mans Series should contact Team Principal Mark Goddard. For more information on the reach of the Series – click here