Formula Masters to race at Macau

Date posted on April 14, 2013 · Published by Mark Goddard

The decision to include a non-championship Formula Masters race as part of the 60th Macau GP event reflects the importance of the series as the only credible junior driver development championship in the region. The Macau GP will be held over two weekends with the Formula Masters race taking place on the first of these, November 9 and 10th. New for 2013 the series will run with VW F3 engines. This has now been successfully tested in Europe and the cars will be running with the new engines at the venue of the first event, Zhuhai in China, early May. Reigning championship winning team, Eurasia Motorsport, still have a seat available for the series, interested drivers should contact us at mark@eurasiamotorsport.comThe Tatuus chassis remains the same as used in the Formula Pilota Series over the past two seasons but it is now powered by an VW F3 engine. The fitting kit to mate the electronic, water and oil systems to the car has been successfully tested in Europe and the kits are on the way to Zhuhai for installation in the cars. “This is an exciting time for the series with VW support and the new F3 engine” reports Eurasia’s Mark Goddard. “We are confident that our great depth of engineering support will enable us to get on top the 2013 car very quickly and we are confident we can successfully defend our championship crown”.

The addition of a non-championship race at Macau allows drivers looking at competing in the Macau F3 GP in the future to learn the circuit in an F3 powered car. Macau is one of the most challenging tracks in the World and is a driver’s favourite. Eurasia’s series drivers will get first refusal to race in Macau before we accept other budding F3 stars of tomorrow.