Jefferies third, Wootton sixth in round six

Date posted on June 1, 2009 · Published by Mark Goddard

Axcil Jefferies finished in third place closing to within eleven points of the championship lead whilst Chris Wootton impressed with his drive to sixth place from the rear of the grid.

Fahmi Ilyas, Thompson, Haryanto and Jefferies started in that order and remained so for the first few laps. The four drivers pulled away from the pack and proceeded to put on an entertaining show. Haryanto took the lead with Thompson also finding a way past the erstwhile leader. The battling duo allowed Jefferies to take advantage and slip by with Thompson falling to fourth in the confusion.

Wootton was quickly into 8th place after a couple of laps in his rebuilt car, after his round five roll, and entertained with his efforts to pass Dominic Ang and then Dustin Sofyan. Once past the latter the lead group was simply too far ahead and he had to settle for sixth place in a courageous drive as he was still battered and bruised from his high speed roll earlier in the day.

“We demonstrated we have the speed with first and second in qualifying and Axcil with four podiums including two wins over the weekend has shown he is now a genuine title contender. Chris is now in seventh place in the championship and we hope all his bad luck is over for the season as we know he has the speed to win races” reported Mark Goddard of Eurasia. “We are really looking forward to the next event in Sentul and I am sure both Chris and Axcil will add to our tally of race wins”.