Chan and Lim spin out of Shanghai Race 1 contention – Oct 15 05

Date posted on October 15, 2005 · Published by Mark Goddard

Aaron Lim started sixth but spun on the first lap attempting to rest fourth place from Aarman Ebrahim at the final hairpin when ambition overtook the laws of physics and he spun to the back of the field. Jonathan Chan started 9th but was hit by Dirani at the first turn spinning him round and almost hitting the recovering Lim. Both drivers had to scythe through the field with Lim just beating Chan into 7th place.

“Great racing but a bad race for me!” exclaimed Chan, “I can’t believe Aaron was able to get a tow from me on the straight on the last lap and overtake me just two corners from the finish”. “It was all planned!” retorted Lim.

Hamad Al Fardan won the race, leading from lights to flag whilst Charlez, Ebrahim, Patriz and Khalifa squabbled over second. They finished in that order after producing the best race of the year with the fast corner onto the long back straight followed by a tight hairpin producing lots of opportunity to get a tow and outbrake into the hairpin.

Tomorrow will see the final race of the 2005 season. “I hope our drivers can remember not to spin and give us a good result to end the year” remarked Mark Goddard of MTA.